Korcula is perhaps the most visibly redolent with history – from the house in which islanders believe Marco Polo was born, to medieval fortifications erected to keep the Turkish invaders and pirates at bay.

These landmarks make the largest settlement on the island, also named Korcula, a fascinating town to explore. Here the main street does not cleanly bisect the town, but it zig – zags, the side streets feeding into it at an angle. And none of this is by accident; the zig – zaging blocks the cold winter winds that blow in off the sea while a layout of the side streets tempers the heat of the midday sun. A tour of the town weaves in and out of the stone – paved streets of one of the most beautiful towns in Dalmatia. The tour spans centuries and myriad art forms – starting with the 14th – 16th century fortifications, taking you by the Rector’s palace with its 15th century turrets, into the City Museum housed in a 16th century mansion and filled with an impressive array of artefacts and Byzantine icons that bring alive Korcula’s history.

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